Serious Sam 2 Patch 2.064b

A port of the 2000 first person shooter game Serious Sam 2 for Windows

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    Various Utilities

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    Patch 2.064b

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    7.0 (514)

Serious Sam 2 is a first-person shooting game that often feels more like an adventure game. Fans of the other Serious Sam games might be put off by this game's cartoon-styled graphics. The core game play in Serious Sam 2 is great, and many people consider it one of the best games in the series.

Serious Sam 2 does not have a deep story line. The player must once again stop evil aliens from taking over planet Earth. The game piles on content in ways that most games do not even attempt. Each environment is its own world. The game areas include jungles, medieval castles and swamps. The game is linear, but Serious Sam 2's objectives can vary drastically in each stage. The player picks up a huge number of different weapons. Many weapons are designed to work well against specific enemies.

The game also introduces new sets of enemies on every stage. The list of enemies includes witches, mechanical bulls, aliens and countless soldiers. The game also throws vehicles into the mix. The vehicular combat in Serious Sam 2 is not great, but it adds variety to a game that is already more complex than most shooting games. Serious Sam 2 does not have many puzzles, but the player frequently has to explore the environment to collect keys and other items.

Each stage in Serious Sam 2 has hundreds of enemies that seem to spawn on the maps infinitely. Enemies often carry shields. Some enemy types charge at the player and explode. The learning curve in this game may be too challenging for some players. Many larger enemies take massive amounts of damage before going down. The game's boss fights are easy. The player can save at any point in Serious Sam 2. This makes the game significantly easier.

The game also gives the player extra lives. The player can continue even if he runs out of lives, so the extra lives are useless. The scoring system in this game is also broken. Achieving a high score in this game is useless because the score resets after each section.

Serious Sam 2 gives the player several pickups on the map that increase strength and armor. They last a limited amount of time. Many areas in this game are impossible to complete without finding these pickups. Players who reach the final areas of this game will likely find themselves frustrated with the last segments before the final boss fight. Fans of first-person shooting games should find lots to like about Serious Sam 2.


  • Serious Sam 2 is a long and challenging game.
  • The game has countless large environments for the player to explore.
  • The vehicles in this game add significant variety to the game play.


  • Some players may not like the game's cartoon art style.
  • The final stage in this game can feel very redundant.
  • The game's point system is broken.

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